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Charlie Bubbles Cares For Kids


To make the Charlie Bubbles series of children's books accessible to children in hospitals, schools, homeless shelters

and charitable events.  The power of reading is fundamental to the growth and development of every young child. With an

aim to inspire, teach and entertain, the Charlie Bubbles books are  fun-to-read storybooks that expand children's imaginations.

Filled with colorful illustrations and valuable life-lessons to teach young minds about the value of being Helpful, Loving and Kind.

No child should be denied the fundamental ability to learn, imagine and be entertained through reading!

“There are many little ways to enlarge your world.  Love of books is the best of all.” – Jacqueline Kennedy

Paul and Charlie Carafotes

If you wish to learn more about the origins of the Charlie Bubbles books series, please visit Our Story page.  Suffice to say that actor, Paul Carafotes was inspired by his son, Charlie, to write an imaginative, valued filled storybook.  He, in turn, unwittingly

inspired Charlie to create Charlie Bubbles Cares For Kids.

Together they worked to create a charitable organization that would accomplish

their mutual goals.  "I always felt bad at events when a kid would ask if he could have

a book", says young Charlie, "Knowing that they didn't have any money".   So, what did

Charlie do?  "I gave it to them, for free".  At first, Charlie thought his dad might be angry with him.  "When I explained to him what I was thinking, he looked at me with a big smile and said 'that's a great idea' - he really surprised me".  Paul explains, "It hit me like

a lightening bolt, Charlie was acting out the very set of values that I originally

created the stories to teach him.  As a father, I couldn't have been more proud".

And so began the birth and journey of Charlie Bubbles Cares For Kids

The father and son team started out small.  At first, reaching out to local schools and hospitals to see if there was such

a need for their charity.  Even if the folks they approached had no individual need, often times, they would point them in the direction of someone who was.  "When I originally completed the first couple of books", Carafotes explains, "I was

approached by many friends, family and even teachers who would praise the book and tell me stories of how the books

had impacted different children".  Carafotes adds, "I thought they were just trying to be nice", he says with a laugh.

As sales began to climb and more people providing positive feedback, Carafotes says, "I was shocked.

What started out as a nice little idea to entertain and teach my son had turned into...all of this!".

From that very first charity event until today, Paul and Charlie have been overwhelmed with the positive response they have received from children, parents, teachers and nurses.  "It has certainly grown larger and faster than either of us originally anticipated", said Carafotes.  It is a labor of love for both Charlie and Paul with the added bonus of being able to do it together.  Spending so much time working side by side has been another wonderful byproduct of this adventure.

"Again, I view all of this as a blessing", said Paul, "anytime I

get to spend with my son is something I cherish.  Knowing

that we are both trying our best to put some love out

into the universe, well, that's just the cherry on top!".

Charlie Bubbles Cares For Kids

Paul and Charlie currently have a new book in the works that will soon be available to add to the series.  In the meantime, their efforts are spent raising more funds, gathering sponsorships and, best of all, attending events and distributing books together.

As Charlie says, "Just seeing the kid's faces when I hand them a book is reward enough for me.  I remember that feeling

too when I was younger.  I am proud that my dad cares so much and that he has taught me, and hopefully many others,

the value of being Helpful, Loving and Kind".

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Our Goals

Charlie Bubbles Cares For Kids

Provide access to inspirational books to children in need

Charlie Bubbles Cares For Kids

Increase our sponsors and donations year over year

Charlie Bubbles Cares For Kids

Widely spread our message of being Helpful, Loving and Kind

Charlie Bubbles Cares For Kids

Make a Difference

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